Fujiazhuang, a too crowded beach!

Cocco on the road likes curiosity and when we find a really special one why not to signal it?
Dedicated to all tourists that when go to the beach, maybe in some tourist locations where there are beaches with really distance between sunbeds and umbrellas, where many complain about the little living space … then this beach Fujiazhuand of China will change your mind and will let you see things differently and clearly positive.

Spiaggia cinese4

Fujiazhuang is a place in the region of Shandong Sheng in China. It is located in one of the districts of Dalian (大连; Dalian) which is the second largest city of Liaoning Province and is a major destination for Chinese tourists. The district is Xigang (西岗区; Xīgǎngqū), the smallest of the four districts of Dalian. In the southern area are the zoo and forests inhabited by pandas and for the sea lovers there’s the beach which, unfortunately, is very popular with both the locals as well as tourists.
Spiaggia cinese3
Here either lay our beach towel and enter the sea becomes quite a venture, tranquility and relaxation are impossible to get in this place. A nightmare for those who do not like crowds, but loads of ​​people and opportunities to make new friends for those who love the movement (the company does not fail), for all those who hate to be alone.

Spiaggia cinese2

Many vacationers who go on the beaches of the Adriatic coast, such as Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima and so on, complain about the noise and the children shouting, about people listening to loud music, and guys playing with the ball on the shore … Try for a moment to empathize in a Chinese vacationer or a tourist who travels to visit Fujiazhuand beach and try thinking what they must endure. If it’s true that we love the nightlife and fun, sometimes we also like to take a moment to relax and lounging on deserted beaches.
Spiaggia cinese1
Really impressing pictures that immortalize this place, a lot of people that obscures both the beach and the sea, but there will still be place enough for one of us?
Curiosities from the world and have a nice trip!

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