Adopting a shark!

Just a few months ago my daughter came home after school placing a rather unusual question: Can We adopt a shark?
Actually, we were a little astonished by this request, but as she took the leaflets from her backpack we realized how important was what she was talking about.
She was so excited that easily involved us too in reading flyers and all the stuff that the volunteers of the Sharklab Malta had delivered at school. She shared with us the stories that these guys have been telling her, without leaving anything out, because she had felt immediately involved in this project. Then we understood that adopting a shark was really  useful for this species and at the same time it’s amazing to feel closer to these people who every day come across the sea world problems.


Some people think that all sharks are dangerous, attacking humans sometimes dismembering or killing them with their sharp teeth. But, fortunately, not all sharks reflect this stereotype of dangerous animals for humans. The two oviparous species  in question are the Smallerspotted dogfish (Scyliorhinus Canicular) and the Nursehounds (Scyliorhinus Stellaris). They eat mainly octopuses, crustaceans and molluscs that hunt in the depths, but also like small fish.


In the past, Maltese fishermen used to collect shark eggs, fertilized by their mothers, finding them in the fish nets to threw them away. Today, thanks to this active association which protects this species and to the support of the Malta National Aquarium, the eggs are retrieved and ‘cured’ so that they can give birth to small sharks.
What actually means the campaign “Adopt a shark” and how it supports this association?
It is a kind of adoption (forms can be downloaded from the website) in which you have to fill out the donor data and choose one of the two sharks you want to support. A sole donation of € 25 is requested. Later on you will get the donation package that includes all the details of the recovery and release program together with the information about  the species you have chosen to adopt.
After about 6 months you will receive a photo of the adopted shark, born and ready to be freed in the open sea, along with a part of the egg where the shark has grown.



Sharklab Malta is an NGO, registered in Malta, and is a no-profit volunteer organization dedicated to research, education and protection of sharks, rays, skates and chimaeras in the Mediterranean sea and the area around Malta, helping these species not to get extinct, so protecting the marine ecosystem. on this site you will find all the explanations about the project “Adopt a Shark” and all other initiatives carried out. We have contributed to this project because our daughter was really happy to help this species and Cocco on the road is always ready to give a little help as we believe in the beauty and seriousness of people who want to save the wonders of our planet .

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