10 things to pack if you go in UAE!


We told you about our trip to Fujairah, what to see and where to stay if you go in this country of the United Arab Emirates.
The climate of the UAE is sub-tropical, then is very hot and humid from May to October (temperatures ranging between 30 and 50 degrees day and night) while from November to April the climate is mild with fresh temperatures at night (temperatures ranging between 10-15 degrees at night to 20-30 degrees during the day). In both seasons raining is rare but when it happens streets turn into rivers because here drains are lacking; storms passed fast but can be very strong.

Tempesta di sabbia.png


To be remembered the famous sand storms, real sand sudden movements caused by strong winds, which require you are very careful if outside; eyes and mouth should be protected. So first things to pack are sunglasses and a pashmina or a scarf to cover your face and eyes.
Other important things to pack are comfortable and lightweight clothing of cotton or breathable fabrics, but do not forget a sweater or a light jacket to wear indoor because of air conditioning as wherever you’ll go places are climatized and the temperature range can make you sick (it’s not a joke).
If you’d like to bring smart dresses with you, in all UAE, in restaurants or hotels it’s common wearing evening dresses; our advice is you not to overdo if you do not have a very important event to attend.
Abiti tradizionali UAE
It should be stresses that you are in a Muslim country, where you will see men and women wearing local clothes, covered from head to toe, so for education and to respect their traditions avoid shorts or skirts and tank tops or low-cut shirts if you go to visit mosques or places of prayer. In malls as well there are signs suggesting not to come if in skimpy outfits, so avoid to be reproved both by mall wardens and tourist guides during excursions.


Bottiglia di acqua.png

Sun creams and after-sun lotions are essential to protect your skin from the scorching sun, as well as caps or bandanas at the beach. Do not take too much sun most of all during the middle of the day, and drink lots of water.



Do not forget important medications that you take on a regular base, otherwise do not panic as pharmacies are provided with everything for emergencies ad more.
Adapter of power outlets: in these countries are in use English sockets, but if you forget it, do not hesitate to ask the reception of your hotel.
Do not forget comfortable shoes useful in case of excursions where you have to walk very much, as with the heat your feet tend to swell, and the first hack to stay healthy is to have good feet taking you everywhere.
Even a backpack or a comfortable bag too for trips are very useful, also to take with you enough water which we suggest you always have at your fingertips.
Little rules and warnings to bring useful items in your suitcase when you visit these countries of the Middle East, bon voyage!



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