Destination Mars, Exomars!

We dream of paradisiac travels in virgin places, in close contact with nature, seeking of new cultures and traditions, an unforgettable journey. Some people dream like simple travelers and other other than dreaming realize their wish through discoveringa a real planet, looking for human life or just a pristine place where human beings can plant the roots and enlarge their living spaces. ExoMars mission, the discovery of Mars.


The ExoMars mission started on Monday, 14th of March at 10:31 a.m., Italian time, from the Russian base of Baikonur, in Kazakhstan. The space probe will orbit Mars for 7 long years along with the descending module which bears the name of Giovanni Schiaparelli, Italian astronomer. This will be the first Italian module landing on Mars.
From Malindi, Kenya, the base of the Italian Space Agency, has been following step by step the delicate departure, which then determines the actual complex operation, where even the trajectory to Mars must be perfectly aligned with the exact parameters. From Malindi to Germany, where is located the European Space Agency (ESA) in Darmstadt, who took control of the mission.




Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system in order of distance from the Sun and the last of the terrestrial planets after Mercury, Venus and the Earth. It is called the red planet because of its characteristic color due to the large quantities of iron oxide that cover it. Mars is the most similar to the morphology of the Earth even if temperatures are quite low (between -140 ° C and 20 ° C). Also the duration of the days is similar to our own, despite Mars is smaller in size.
Aim of this European mission, is looking for traces of past or present life, taking samples to analyze them immediately. Thanks to this probe, which will be in constant communication with European bases and will explore the soil in detail, also by making holes dug up to 2 meters deep.
Finally, we can conlcude only there is someone even more curious than Cocco on the road, that so far limited ourselves to explore the beauty of this Earth, our Earth, full of wonders yet to find out. Definitively, we think analyzing and discovering new planets may be helpful for different studies other than to know new aspects about the our Earth’s origin.
Wherever you are, Earth or Mars, we always wish you a good trip!



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