Fujairah: a spring in the desert!

Fujairah (Arabic: لفجيرة , al- Fujayra) is one of the seven emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) overlooking the Gulf of Oman and then the Indian Ocean.


Fujairah is quieter than Dubai, although keeping its charme and it’s surrounded by mountain chains of dark color that give the landscape a different characteristic from the usual colours of the desert sand.
Fujairah is not usual as a tourist destination compared to the other cities of the Emirates even if there are interesting places to explore, so let’s go and see what offers this place nestled in the “black”desert along with Cocco on the road.
Al Bidya Mosque is the oldest mosque in the UAE and it was built up in 1446 with mud and bricks; it is very small and, unfortunately, accessible only to Muslims. Two Portuguese towers erected in 1498 protected both the mosque and the village from foreign attack. All around is a beautiful landscape of palm trees which further enhance the mountainous landscape.
The Fort of Al Hayl Castle, built by the royal family over 250 years ago and used to defend the surrounding area, surmounts the mosque below and consists of a main building enclosed by walls and a separate small fortified residence located on a small hill. Rudimentary stairs lead to the main building’s roof showing a magnificent view of the surrounding hills. Reachable by car with half an hour of road from the city of Fujairah.



In Fujairah Museum, instead, you will find archaeological finds of the area and learn about traditions and habits of these people’s past. Rooms are furnished as domestic rooms, decorated according to arabic traditions, with a good representation of objects which help to better understand this population’s way of life not only in the past but also in the present.







Another fort is Fujairah Historic Fort, dating from the sixteenth century. Built with clay, majestic and raised from the ground to decrease the dangers of invasions in the past, it is now empty, even if still nice to visit.




The mountain ranges of Hajar formed naturally and are really beautiful both in their colours and shapes, attracting not only tourists but geologists from all over the world. It is the first protected area of the country. Rangers are authorized either as guides and as wardens of the area checking for vandalism actions, as already happened in the past, and for poaching. In this area, in fact, 860 species of flora and fauna to be preserved have been identified.
The ridges were created by another natural wonder, Wadi Wurayah, a stream containing many flows of water, about 30, that all together form 370 km of never ending fresh water.




And last but not least you have shopping of local products at the Friday Market. Located on a quite busy road useful to increase its visibility, this place offers stalls of fruit, textiles, plants and local crafts at reasonable prices. Remember, here bargaining is absolutely normal!





Fujairah is beauty of nature with its sometimes desert landscapes, it’s worth visiting and admiring it, then it’s been approved by Cocco on the road! Have a nice trip!

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