International pillow fight day!

Do you want to keep stress away and while joining an exciting global event? Then this is what you need. On Saturday, 2nd of April there will be a peaceful pillow fight all around the world, an event where you can bring your pillow from home to partecipate in the Pillow Fight Day. Suitable for all ages, both funny and useful to meet nice people that, as well as you, will be there to draw their own weapon, the pillow, against someone’s else face.
Lotta Cuscini
Towns where this event will take place are:


Achill isola di Irlanda, Location: The Ball Alley, Cashel, Time 5 pm
Amsterdam, Location: National Monument, Dam Square, Time 3 pm
Atlanta, Location: Corner of Cherokee Ave SE, Time 3 pm
Belo Horizonte, Brasile, Location: Praça da Liberdade, Time 3.30 pm
Berlino, Time 3 pm
Bratislava, Time 4 pm
Budapest,Time 3 pm
Cleveland, Location: Market Square Park, Market Avenue, Ohio City, Time 3 pm
Copenhagen, Location:City Hall / Raadhuspladsen, Time 2 pm
Dubai, Time 3 pm
El Paso, Texas, Location: Plaza Theatre Water fountain ,Time 3 pm
Austria, Location: Hauptplatz, Graz, Time 3 pm
Halmstad, Location: Norrekattspark, Time 2 pm
Helsinki, Finlandia, Time 3 pm
Harder Kralove, CZE, Location: Masarykovo náměstí,  Time 4 pm
Lappeenranta, Finlandia, Location: LAPPEENRANTA Time 3 pm
Lausanne, Svizzera, Time 3 pm
Manchester, Time 3 pm
Milano, Location: Piazza sempione 1 – Arco della pace, Time 3 pm
Nashville, Location: Centennial Park Parthenon, Time 3 pm
New York city, Location: TBD, Time 3 pm
Orlando, Time 3 pm
Oxford, UK, Time 3 pm
Pembroke, Malta, Location: Park&Ride, Time 6
San Antonio, Texas, Location: Woodlawn Park, Time 3 pm
Seattle, Time 2 pm
Székelyudvarhely, Romania, Time 3 pm
Taipei, Location: Dajia Riverside Park, Time 3 pm
Toronto, Time 3 pm
Valencia ,Location: Plaça de la Mare de Deú, Time 6 pm
Check the website International Pillow Fight Day that is regularly updated about locations and times.


Lotta cuscini 1
Rules are simple and dictated by common sense, then rule number 1 NO bad and violent behavior, because many children and young people attend the fighting and it’s all just to have fun. Use soft pillows, give light shots, take off glasses, wait for the signal to start and go ….
Lotta cuscini 2
The event is free and open to everybody. Signals used to start the fighting will be normal whistles, air trumpets, but also church bells whereas the event takes place in town/village squares.
Generally the pillow fight lasts about 2 hours, somebody lets it finish a bit later, but there are no exact rules on that except nobody should ever stop the fight on purpose but only when people satisfied will decide they’ve had enough .
Lotta cuscini 3.png
The ideal thing would be to leave no trace of the fighting leaving the place tidy and clean as much as possible. If no professional cleaning has been planned, it is a good practice to bring a rubbish bag from home and help in cleaning.
Prepare your pillows, mark the date on the calendar, seek for the nearest location to you and enjoy!

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