Best affordable islands, discovery continues …

Let’s go ahead telling you of other fantastic places close to the European borders that you can visit at reasonable costs. Easily approachable destinations (as in some cases flights are very cheap) possibly booking in advance. But let’s start reading of these fascinating islands.
Kos, part of the Dodecanese island chain in Greece, located in front of the Turkish Bodrum. Rich in archaeological sites like Asclepeion (Temple of Asclepius), but also the Neratzia Castle and the medieval fortress located at the entrance of the port of the small town of Coo.
The sea and a lot beaches to visit. In the northern part of the island, the most ventilated, you will find crystalline waters while in the south the sea is always calm and the water clear but with a darker backdrop. The famous Thermes, natural pools of hot and sulphurous water, are located between Kardamena and Coo.
Lemnos is another Greek island located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Of volcanic origin, Lemnos is mostly hilly with a landscape characterized by the blue colors of the sea and the brown of the ground.
Samos island, luxuriant and rich in vegetation, is located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, a few meters away from the Turkish coast. Birthplace of famous mathematicians and philosophers such as Pythagoras, Epicurus and Aristarchus, Samos is a lovely island with beautiful bays and a clean sea with turquoise colors.
Structures as the Pythagoreion and the Heraion were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1992.
Zakynthos is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, close to the coast of the Peloponnese and is part of the Ionian islands. Beautiful natural place, where you can find the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, the beautiful beaches and a lush landscaping difficult to find on a Greek island, together with so much history and culture. In the Wreck beach, accessible only by sea, enclosed between two hills is a wreck of cargo transported there by sea currents. Here the poet Ugo Foscolo was born, when the island was under the Venetian domain.
Tenerife, located in the Atlantic Ocean, is part of the Canary Islands (Spain). Here you will find the National Park of Teide which is the third largest volcano in the world and also the highest mountain in all of Spain, a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. Beaches reflect the volcanic type and morphology of the island with the characteristic dark sand, even if somewhere you can still find white sandy beaches.
Lanzarote is the most north-eastern island of the Spanish Canary Islands. It owes its name to Lanzerotto Malocello, Genoese navigator who first discovered the island in 1312. Lanzarote has been assigned as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO; here you will find the Timanfaya National Park, located in the western area and characterized by volcanic landscape. Other tourist attractions are the caves of Jameos del Agua, the “Cueva de los Verdes” and the “Charco de los Clicos”.
Gran Canaria is still one of the Canary Islands, a few kilometers away from the African coast but belonging to Spain. Here you can find beaches for all tastes, such as the long stretch of sand of Maspalomas, a huge golden sandy area that starting from Playa del Ingles gets the great Maspalomas lighthouse, running along a desert of dunes that laps the south coast .
Always in the south there are many beaches either the quiet ones, ideal for families, such as San Agustin, Amadores beach and the small beach of Puerto de Mogan, ending to the most lively of the touristic center of Puerto Rico, one of the places boasting the best climate all over Spain. Some beaches are touristic and equipped with all the services and comforts, while others are secluded, thus becoming great retreat for those who want to relax.
gran canaria
La Palma, San Miguel de La Palma, is an island of the Canary archipelago located 80 km west of Tenerife with a rich vegetation. Numerous and spectacular are the well-equipped beaches like Porto Naos, Los Cancajos with its rocky sea bottom, Faro de Fuencaliente by the lighthouse, with its turquoise waters, Fajans de los Franceses, situated in a natural park. In the island center there is the National Park of the Caldera de Taburiente. Here you will find the typical cigars, good local wine, fine silk and handcrafted baskets. La Palma is the highest island in the world and is site for the most important astrophysical observatory in the Northern Hemisphere, located on top of the Roque de los Muchachos.
La Palma
Then we just have to wish you bon voyage!

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