Best affordable islands, a good travelling without spending too much!

Are you thinking to your well deserved summer vacation? Cannot wait to switch off and immerse yourself in a total relaxation? Are you dreaming of exploring a beautiful island?
Either alone or together with your family Cocco on the road will give you the best advice, to travel safely and with no surprises and, if possible, paying the right.
Are you ready to seek for your Neverland? Do not get upset, we have a nice list of affordable islands, how to pay few and get a vacation in a heavenly place.
Let’s begin with the island of Malta, pearl of the Mediterranean, full of history and traditions, with lots of beaches to explore, each has its own charm and particularity. The ideal period for money saver travelers for both flights and accommodation, is between May and June. But if you are free only in July or August, you can start looking at Ryanair or Air Malta flights right now, which booked in advance can reserve tempting offers. Come and discover centuries of history and fun for all ages.
Mykonos is one of the Cyclades, Greece. Island known for its hectic life, its night life but also the beautiful beaches where you can listen to music on happy hour and have lots of fun.
Santorini is located further south in the Cyclades, and is the largest of the Aegean islands, Greece. White houses with dome-shaped roofs and characteristic blue windows and doors that contrast the color of the houses while harmonising perfectly with the blue of the sea and the amazing view on the Kamenes islets of charcoal color.
Palma de Mallorca, main town of Mallorca and capital of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. It is one of the main touristic centres of the Balearic Islands, rich in hotels and resorts with a beautiful old town, where stands the cathedral, the Royal Palace of Almudaina, the Lonja and the magnificent Mayor place. Picturesque villages, coves and beautiful beaches but also mountains tall up to 1500 meters height.
Palma di Maiorca
Ibiza, located in the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its night life and its trendy clubs, which make it the favorite destination of young people. Ibiza is the third largest island of the Spanish Balearic Islands. Crystal clear sea that runs along a rocky coast and an arid landscape most of the year.
Corfu, a Greek island, rich in nature, olive trees and woods, wonderful to travel and explore. Population is hospitable and kind with foreigners who, especially in summer, invade the island for their holidays.This is the destination chosen also by many celebrities.
The island of Crete retains its historic charm with fine white sandy beaches and a fabulous sea. Crete is very valued for its many archaeological and natural sites, and for its unique cultural heritage, expressed through linguistic, literary, musical and culinary differences.
Cyprus offers beautiful beaches and a sunny climate with long and warm summers, with rainfall almost absent in this period. It is divided in two, between Greece (in the south zone) and Turkey (in the north zone). Tourism is more developed in the south with hotels, resorts and clubs. Most touristic areas are Ayia Napa, Limassol, Pathos, Kyrenia.
Rhodes, where the greek sun shines 300 days a year with beautiful beaches and clear clean waters thanks to the respect for the environment and its safe and efficient services. It is also called “Island of Roses” and “Island of the Butterflies” thanks to the many species of colorful flowers and beautiful butterflies. Several bays alternate on the east coast; on the south cost is situated Cape Prasonissi, popular among windsurfers worldwide.

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