Marsa Alam, Port of the Flag!

Marsa Alam (Arabic: مرسى علم) has been a great discovery. We’ve been there three years ago, when there were no issues of riots or terrorism. Nowadays, people prefer not to go for fear of their safety, and some of you asked our advice if leaving or not for this destination, but we cannot honestly give an answer about as we always recommend to travel informed and to consult the site of the Foreign Ministry (Farnesina), where you will find all the recent updates on places they advise not to travel for.
Marsa Alam, which name means “Port of the Flag” was born from a need of fishermen who, going out for fishing catches, decided to fix flags indicating where to land safely to localise the port where to come back, not having lights or headlight.
Nowadays Marsa Alam, despite being a touristic destination with several Resorts, still remains a fishing town. As you arrive and walk the road leading to all the Resorts you realise that the landscape is characterised by sand dunes and desert areas, jagged here and there by Resorts, where inside were built real villages.
Other than hotels and restaurants, you can also find bazaars and water parks. Thus giving a complete service for a holiday of fun and relaxation.
We’re approaching the ideal season to visit Marsa Alam, the one running from April to June, while in summer the high temperature is likely to be unbearable to many, such as children, as it could cause serious burns. Marsa Alam is a windy city and sometimes the feeling of the wind does not let you feel the high temperature and the risk of burns is very high, so equip yourself with a high protection suncream and enjoy your vacation.
Join the nice trip in the desert, an experience that must be tried, both for the thrill of going on a camel, and to see the unique landscape of its kind. If you want more exciting adventure then you can try to ride a quad, overcoming dunes and even visiting the Bedouin village sheltering in ​​the tents, because our body requires a well-deserved break in the shade break from the heavy heat.
Sea lovers will find an underwater world with coral reef and colorful fish swimming around you, take a dip in the crystal clear waters and immerse yourself in a show of backdrops.
Wonderful beaches and good services. Hospitality is very friendly and if you are seeking for the fun and the animation in the resort you will find them here, with shows, water aerobics, mini club for children and SPA for relaxing and rejuvenating massages. Some resorts have offers and attractive prices, but we suggest you always check reviews on the web, not to get then disappointed.
Finally the shopping, as we think it’s nice to bring home a souvenir of the place because it is like taking away a piece of their culture or tradition. Cute the colored sand compositions in ampoules, as well as the Arabic style perfum boxes and even the colorful rugs which represent a piece of local craftsmanship that is always nice to buy. Beware fake clothing, poor quality and prices too high for not being original.
Are you ready? Then we just have to wish you bon voyage!

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