Lizard Island, welcome to Neverland!

There is an island really far away, which is located in the Pacific Ocean, 240 kilometers north of Cairns, Queensland, where everything looks like a fairy tale. Do you remember the Neverland of Peter Pan? If so…. Welcome to Lizard Island!
lizard island
Lizard Island, located on the Great Barrier Reef, with its fine white sandy beaches and the amazing sea becomes one of those unforgettable places.
Here you can find a luxury Resort with SPA and all the comforts you need to make your journey a fairy tale. But all without breaking the beauty of this place and the nature with its 1000-hectare natural park and its ancient inhabitants. At first, that can look a little scary if you are not used to living with lizards long about one meter, looking alike small alligators wandering within the park, but which never attack or get close to men. They use to sleep during the day to come out of their hiding places at night, to forage for food and you can hear the rustle of trees and leaves in their wake. They are absolutely good and peaceful, if you come across one of them you can hesitate for a while, till you see the lizard continues on its way without even giving you a look. Living in close contact with animals unknown before was a wonderful experience and something we will never forget keeping on telling about it like a bizarre and funny thing. It was not easy to capture one of these specimens at daytime, but finally we did it.
Do not be fooled by the leaves size as they do not give the right idea of ​​how big these animals are.
At the Resort, we were accommodated in a pretty large bungalow, furnished in natural colors and materials, such as wood parquet that gave the feeling of the warmth that surrounds you when you walk in a comfortable place.




Really clean, quiet, superior service and an outdoor patio with a view of the natural park and the sea from above. The CD Café del Mar, with its soft music, gave that tranquility and well-being that only a few places can really provide.
A natural refuge with the complicity of its beautiful sunsets with the sound of nature, widely spaced bungalows each other, to ensure privacy and tranquility to vacationers.


Lizard Island seduces with its beautiful trips to the Coral reef. Scuba diving or just snorkelling to see the tropical fish of all colors and shapes, the coral that fascinates forming real gardens in the seabed.
The colors of the sea, the crystal clear waters, the beautiful and never crowded beaches, the nature and the perfumes of this island to explore on foot or by boat, represent a miracle cure for both mind and body.
Even the rocks that rise from the sea or along the beach fascinate with their shapes that contrast with the rest of the landscape, making this a magical place.
Lizard Island was called Dyiigurra by Aborigines and was considered a sacred site where they used to send young boys to catch fish, shellfish and seafood.
Lizard Island was the name given later in 1770 by Captain Cook, who also got dazed by the countless examples of giant lizards that are found here.
In 1939, all the group of islands were declared National Park and have also incorporated part of the Great Barrier Reef.
If you’re seeking for a relaxing, rejuvenating and distant place then this is the island that you are looking for. The pictures of this vacation stay imprinted taking with us the memory of a magical and really unique place.

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