Cuba, The Island of Happiness…




The Republic of Cuba is an archipelago of the Caribbean, when as soon as you arrive you realise the poverty rate of the population handled by the power of a dictatorship heavy, but despite this people has not lost the joy, the desire to dance and party.
The climate is tropical, dry in the winter period from November to April, wet from May to October. Then heavy rainfall and strong, will be concentrated mainly in the summer.
We decided to get around the island to see not only the beaches and the sea but also in mountainous areas and vegetation. But first stage in Havana to drink the famous moijto at La Bodeguita del Medio.
La Bodeguita del Medio is a typical bar restaurant, historically frequented by celebrities of the past through pictures, signatures on the walls, graffiti and objects of all kinds, have left their mark in this place. Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda, the writer Ernest Hemingway, are just a few in the past frequented this place. One can not but note on the wall a famous Hemingway’s phrase: “My mojito in La Bodeguita, My daiquiri in El Floridita”. After the revolution, Martinez, went from owner to administrator state, introduced a new cocktail, the Mojito, which became a symbol of the bar and the typical Cuban cocktails.
Continuing our journey from the interior of the island we come across a stretch of rainforest and our guide explains that the low-lying areas were deforested and drained from the first centuries of the Spanish conquest using trees of mahogany and teak for shipbuilding. Now we see that in fact these areas have become subsequently deforested lands planted with sugar cane, tobacco, corn and citrus.
The landscape is framed by the Cuban royal palm trees, located anywhere in the country. Its leaves, for centuries, are used to build the roofs of country houses, but also to create baskets, hats and ropes of all kinds.
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