Blue Lagoon, Jamaica.

Let’s continue our journey in Jamaica telling you about the spectacular Blue Lagoon.
To get there, we took a bus along with other people directed to Port Antonio which is located on theĀ north – eastĀ coast of the island, where this wonderful corner of nature is situated. We followed roads surrounded from endless banana plantations occasionally interrupted by some villages or habitations.
Upon arriving, we are really impressed of how many different trees and shrubs are all around and we see the lagoon, with its emerald water. Residents still call it “Blue Hole” since, as legend tells, it seems to be bottomless.


We are told by the guide that there are underground springs that feed this deep inlet of volcanic origin and also that here the famous movie The Blue Lagoon has been filmed. After getting some quick information, we discovered it is not true; by the way…. let that story remain one of the many mysteries we discovered on this island. Entrance is free and open to everyone, and if you want you can also swim in the fresh, bottomless water of this little piece of paradise.

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