Visit at Bob Marley’s Museum!

Today, we want to tell you of one of the excursions we joined in Jamaica. More than an excursion, it was the Visit to the King of Reggae, who has been singing of his people and of racism, of inequality and of the power of money.


After contracting to rent a minivan with driver and joining another group of people, we leave, destination Nine Male, where Bob Marley was born on the 6th of February 1945. After leaving the city of Ocho Rios, the path becomes more and more difficult, between narrow dirt roads, but with spectacular views of nature. Once arrived,it jumps to our eyes a bunch of local guys, who climbing a gate try to sell us some marijuna. Be careful as both use and sale of marijuna is prohibited by law, making an exception the local population because it is within the culture and religion of rasta (Rastafarianism) for whom herb is not a drug but a way to get in touch with their God Ras Tafari.


A companion quite odd but very nice guides us in discovering the Museum with all the memorabilia of the King, his platinum records, photos, musical instruments, all accompanied with the sound of his music. Then, we are accompanied to visit the small house where Marley used to live up to 13 years of age with his room still intact, bed, bedside and table lamp.


Just got out, there is the rock pillow, the stone where Bob used to lie down looking for inspiration and just a few steps ahead the message BOB LIVES made of stones with rasta colours. We are getting to the last phase of our tour: before entering the mausoleum where the grave of Bob Marley lies, we are advised to keep silent, show respect and not taking pictures.


Then we enter, with that feeling of crossing a sacred place and the mystery behind Bob Marley’s body that somebody says is not there anymore but buried elsewhere. The Tomb built in Carrara marble, the candles, the symbols of Rastafarianism, conclude this round and you will keep thinking about the mystery behind Robert Nesta Marley.






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